Is Cover Girl Lipcolor in Special Mauve Really A Special Treat for the Lips??

Cover Girl Lipcolor in Special Mauve


Hello Beautiful IMBBians.. 🙂

Hope all of you are enjoying winter; we are also shivering with cold, windy and rainy weather around. I can’t even think of stepping out of my cozy blanket and I so feel sorry for my hubby & other folks who have no choice but to travel for work early in morning irrespective of snowfall /rains /hails/storms outside thinking of which freezes my arteries & veins even. 😛 I really thank my SAHM status for these extreme cold 4-5 months in a year when I feel too lazy to even walk out for brushing my teeth lol.. 😛 Moreover once I hooked onto IMBB and virtual world (of facebook, cooking, shopping etc.) my life became a bliss even in extreme loneliness and cold situations around unlike hubby who desperately wait for springs and summers.

Anyways, let’s move onto my today’s article which is dedicated to lip product. This is my first experience with Cover Girl courtesy my sis. Let me tell you, this shade is most bright and colorful mauve shade in her kit unlike usual wine & rum.. 😉 So, let’s talk in detail about Cover Girl Special Mauve Lipcolor today.. 🙂


Price: ~ 400-500 INR, price may vary across stores.

Packaging: This shimmery rosy mauve shade comes in sturdy and gorgeous maroon retractable bullet packaging. I never came across such packaging in Cover Girl brand here. It seems this particular lip product is confined to Asian/Indian stores. It does have faint smell which is not over powering thankfully.

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Covergirl lipcolor special mauve 3

My Experience with Cover Girl Lipcolor in Special Mauve:

As the name says “Special Mauve” this is literally a very special mauve shade which does not look mauve from any angle, in fact it looks gorgeous winter berry shade to me with festive sparkles. It looks like frosty winter berry shade in bullet, unlike its subtle yet beautiful color pay off on lips, with hint of shimmers, which does not look frosty or over done at all. I feel it is match made in heaven for medium-deep skin tone as my sis flaunts this shade with so much appeal and hotness while it does seem slight frosty at times on my pale skin!

The texture of lip color seems quite stiff yet soft enough to slide effortlessly even on dry lips. It gives slight translucent color pay off on single stroke, however, we can achieve subtle buildable color pay off in multiple swipes without any cakey finish. My sis needs at least 3 swipes for decent color pay off and glossy finish with shimmers which never look frosty on her skin surprisingly. Hence I feel it might be suitable for beauty with pigmented skin as well depending upon degree of their pigmentation on lips.

Covergirl lipcolor special mauve 5

The shade stays put for decent 4-5 hours with light meal and water/ tea break, while it does buzz off after one heavy meal, removing off every single trace of shimmer and leaving behind glossy sheen. It is impressive to notice that the shimmers do not transfer onto chin thankfully.
The lip color is not much hydrating though it won’t accentuate dry skin issues as well. Wearing lip balm beneath this lip color might be helpful for dry lips though it will affect the color pay off and decrease wear time of shade on our skin. Over all, it seems a worth trying shade for my sis and medium-deep skin tone beauties. Personally I feel it looks pale on my skin though I really want this winter berry shade.

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Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Cover Girl Lipcolor in Special Mauve:

  • A gorgeous bright winter berry shade with shimmers perfect for winters around
  • It gives buildable color pay off in 2-3 swipes depending upon person to person
  • It might also work fine on pigmented lips depending on degree of light/deep pigmentation
  • It does not look cakey or bleed upon multiple swipes
  • The shimmers add glam factor on medium-deep skin tone
  • The shade is perfect for middle 30 age group with medium-deep skin tone
  • The shade is neither hydrating nor over drying on lips
  • The wear time is decent 4-5 hours
  • The shimmers do not transfer onto skin and are easily removable after one heavy meal or rinsing.

Cons of Cover Girl Lipcolor in Special Mauve:

  • The shade might be tricky on pale skin
  • The texture of lip color could have been better
  • Shimmers might be turn off for many of us
  • No ingredient list mentioned anywhere

Covergirl lipcolor special mauve 6

Covergirl lipcolor special mauve 1

IMBB Rating: Personally for me its 3.5/5!

Would I Recommend/ Re-Purchase Cover Girl Lipcolor in Special Mauve?

I would recommend this to those with medium-deep skin tone.

Well my sis loves this shade and I too love this shade on her skin more than on my pale skin. I am not convinced to try this range and/or shade however I am madly deeply in love with winter berry shade and looking for same in other brands.

Covergirl lipcolor special mauve 2
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    1. yeah color is totally wintery berrish. I am also looking for same color with No shimmers.. 🙂 glad u liked lotds kads, my sis will be happy to knw that she did it for me!!

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