Clothes Haul!

Clothes Haul!

By Aarbee

Hi Everyone,

How’s the week coming along? Mine is pretty uneventful and boring – so enjoying being a couch potato and watching whatever that doesn’t have a saas bahu angle or an extra marital affair on TV 😀  So, in my last post about skin care haul, I had promised to be back with pics of my clothes haul – and here it is!


Quick note: This is not just my haul from the US, but also my recent haul from Zara.

Enjoy the pics!

Warning – Pic heavy post 😀

Colored Skinny Pants:

rati beauty ad

I am totally digging colored pants for a long time now, so picked up quite a few of them!

Yellow pants


I am so happy I could pick up some colored blazers that were costing me a bomb here in India – the fit is awesome for all of them!

Blue Blazer

Excuse the shabby folding.

Peplum Love:


I have no shame in admitting that I am a trend junkie and totally like to follow whatever is in for the season – hence the peplum love. Besides, it hides those ugly love handles and bulges too – so what’s not to love?

Zara Haul:

I picked up some more colored pants from Zara recently along with a pair of distressed jeans. Picked up a neon yellow V-neck sweater and a jade long tunic/top.

Yellow sweater

Faded Jeans

Red jeans

White shirt

Black shirt


Finally, two bags I picked up at the Singapore airport 😀

Black bag

Hope you liked the haul 😀

“Bee” Good 😛

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56 thoughts on “Clothes Haul!

  1. Aarbeeeeeeeeeee…….super haul…..I want to steal all the stuff from here……the colored blazers are from Zara….I so want the bloooooooooooooo one 🙂

  2. Oh Aarbee… its so cool… nice colourful haul…
    I want them all, where should I mail my address 😛

    special mention to coloured blazers and that cute white top…. or wo hand bags mughe de do…!!

    1. Thanks Khushi – hmm I dont have a fabulous photographer to click OOTDs for me – besides slightly apprehensive about OOTDs 😀

    1. The blazers and the pants in the first pic are from the US – the other pic with the denims, tan, and military green pants are from Zara 😀

  3. you should Parita. They are all over. i bought a light pink one from Globus and a majenta’ish one from Marks and Spencer. Was surprised to see them in Hyper City as well.

  4. I loved all the clothes..BUT my personal favorites were the Teal Jacket, the white top (above the bags), the black bag and the peplum gotta model it for us…we want OOTD!!!!

    1. LOL – thanks so much Aru, I fell in love with that teal jacket as soon as i laid my eyes upon them! Will post OOTDs once i can find a good photographer – and overcome my nervousness 😛

  5. WHOA!! Love all of them Aarbee..the colored blazers stole the show…can’t get my eye off them 😀 *GRIN* But Zara seriously costs a bomb :/ The lacey white top with cute bow is sooooo pretty 🙂
    Feels like seeing all the colors of the Spring :))

    1. Thanks a ton Ankita! Yeah those colored blazers were on my wishlist for a really long time – finally checked them off the list 😀
      That lacey white top looks so pretty when worn!

  6. I love your haul, especially the white top from Zara. But no OOTD. 🙁 Looking at the bags made me miss Singapore; it’s such a fun place to go shopping.

  7. we definitely wanna see lots of OOTD’S from u now Aarbee… awesome haul… love those blazers… can change the look completely 🙂

    1. Hehe, okie will try some OOTDs with these 😀
      Thank you! I agree, those blazers can make any outfit look interesting!

  8. That’s such a super awesome colorful haul aarbee. Totally loved going through it. Such huge hauls have a different satisfaction than picking up one or two things at a go. 😀 I am so obsessed with colored blazers myself. They instantly smarten you up. 😀 Looking forward to seeing you in these clothes. 😀

    1. You know what, I kind of thought about you and your love for blazers after I hauled all these and when I was writing this post! I am usually a black on black or black on grey kinda person, havent experimented with so many colors before – lets see how they look on me 😀

  9. omg.. such colorful trendy stylish haul aarbee.. 🙂 i never had such huge haul at one go.. 😛 omg am thrilled to imagine when u are going to wear them up and fetch compliments!! wow
    do share ur pics dear!!

    1. You n ur comments are so adorable Neetu! After this haul I am on shopping ban for at least a month btw 😛
      Will post pics of me wearing them, if not here then definitely on FB 😀

  10. You have an amazing taste . Loved the blazers and the bags the most.
    Where did you pick up the blazers from ? I can read H&M on the pink one.

  11. Hi Arbee.. loved the blazers, the coloured bottoms and the bags.. Me too want a pink blazer sooooo desperately but the one at Zara is expensive.. tring hard to find a cheaper option…. let me know if you know any…
    and we would also like to see you those clothes… pls do a OOTD soon…

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